SUMMERLAND SUPPORT  - Supported Living in Torbay
"Summerland Support is a fabulous place, situated in lovely surroundings with friendly familiar faces suitable for all people with any problems.

Look at me, I came to Summerlands thinking I wouldn't be able to manage but I'm living in supported living and love every minute. You get the odd day when things don't go right but as the day goes on and weeks pass things slowly improve.

In the long run Summerlands is the appropriate place for any young person to live who wants to prove that they can live semi-independent. People that know me thought that I would never be able to manage but I've proved them wrong because here I am in fine fettle, all thanks to the staff at Summerlands and their helpful hand if ever needed."

"Since I have been at Summerland Support I have cooked my own meals from scratch with salad and fresh veg and learnt how to budget where I didn't before."

"Since I have lived here I admit that I have had some problems, But with the help from the caring team of staff they have seen me though them and I cant thank them enough for their help" 

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